The Barton Family

Transferring to a new high school as a 10th grader can be daunting, yet the nurturing community at Notre Dame was the reason our daughter settled in so quickly. She was seeking a different experience than our public high school was offering, one that embodied our family values while providing challenging academics and committed mentorship from caring teachers. The answer for our family was Notre Dame Academy. The class size has allowed our daughter to be an active participant. She has found her voice and gained confidence because the model allows for daily, dynamic discussion with fellow students and teachers.

The all-girl environment contributes to a cooperative culture where these young women band together to support one another to achieve academic and co-curricular goals. Our daughter believes that the absence of male students changes the dynamic so that there is less emphasis on appearance and risk of falling into typical, pre-determined high school roles. We still recall a hallway conversation with a teacher during our parent visit day who told us that if NDA is the right fit, our daughter will soar, and soar she has. -The Barton Family